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How can you help us?

1. Use the images as your profile picture in social networks.

2. Share and retweet the slogans and the content and whatever it is published in its profiles: @un_pais_normal and

3. Share the pictures and the slogans with your Whatsapp contacts and groups.

4. Take pictures of yourself with the banners and the slogans in different places of Catalonia and send them to and share them in social networks with the hashtag #unpaísnormal.

5. If you find slogans or actions on the street, take a picture of them and share them with your contacts with the hashtag #unpaísnormal.

6. Foster conversations with friends, acquaintances and relatives about how they imagine a normal country, always being polite and respectful towards different opinions. You can use the arguments we recommend you.

7. Did you come up with a new slogan? Let us know! Send us an e-mail to

8. You can also create your own drawings, signs, pictures or videos with slogans of the campaign and e-mail them to

9. We are already hundreds of volunteers, but we need even more. Send an e-mail with your personal data and your availability to Encourage other people to become volunteers.

10. You can also make a money contribution to the following account: ES75 2100 1089 73 0200065877 (indicating “Campanya Un país normal”).